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Welcome to Milton Keynes Collaborative Law Group

Collaborative Law is a way of resolving any issue in a non-confontational way that arises between a couple on separation including the arrangements for the children.

Collaborative Law offers :

  • Respectful problem solving in round table meetings
  • Creative and solution driven process
  • Working to agreed objectives in open and supportive environment
  • Agenda of your family priorities
  • Assistance from your lawyer throughout the process

Who Are the Milton Keynes Collaborative Law Group?

Milton Keynes Collaborative Law Group comprises like-minded professionals who embrace the ethos of the Collaborative Law process and are committed to its benefits. They have an established register of experts from other professions they can draw on should they need to and the professional resource to provide the wide plethora of support needed.

Press Release - Children First Course

When parents are separating, the question of how best to protect the children, and what arrangements should be made for them to spend time with each of their parents is the priority. Relate Beds & Luton have now received funding from the big lottery fund to enable them to deliver their Children First course free of charge. Children First is a one day course for separating parents to enable them to help their children through this difficult time.

The first course will be in Luton on the 17th November 2016, followed by Sandy on the 16th March 2017. Further courses will run in Dunstable in June 2017 and in Bedford in July 2017. The day will cover such topics as The Practicalities of Co-Parenting, Looking at Separation from the Child’s Point of View, How to Protect the Children from conflict and Improving Child/Parent Relationships. Any parent can join the course, singularly or together, at any of the locations at which the course will be held through the coming year. Hand outs and a reference booklet are also included as well as lunch and refreshments. A poster advertising the course can be found here. I attended a similar course run by Relate a couple of years ago and can highly recommend it. The presenter recognised the difficulties and conflicting emotions but without minimising this, the course helped parents focus on their children’s needs in an intelligent and sympathetic way.

More details available here.

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