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How It Works...

  • You and your partner each instruct your own trained collaborative lawyer.
  • All negotiations are done in face-to-face meetings (called "4-ways") with you, your partner and the two lawyers working together to resolve the issues.
  • You and your partner with the help of the lawyers set the agenda and the timetable – you talk about what matters to you and at your own pace.
  • If you have children their interests will be at the heart of the process.
  • You cannot go to court apart from dealing with uncontested divorce proceedings and getting court approval for the financial agreement that you reach.
  • Your collaborative lawyers are there to provide support, guidance and legal advice both in and outside the 4-ways. Although the lawyers are committed to helping both you and your partner reach a settlement, your lawyer still has a professional duty to advise you personally.
  • Other experts such as counsellors, family consultants, accountants and financial professionals can be brought in to assist if everyone agrees that this is needed or would be helpful.
  • You and your partner disclose all relevant financial and other information openly and honestly through the collaborative process.
  • If you cannot reach agreement and have to ask the court to intervene each of you will have to instruct a different lawyer.

If these are things important to you, why not give one of our specially trained Collaborative Lawyers a call to find out more?

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